Thursday, January 04, 2007

Picture This

Okay, I am finally succumbing to posting pictures of Big Guy and Little Guy on my blog.

I hadn't done so up until now because I was worried about security issues, but after seeing adorable pictures on other blogs, such as Christina's daughter at A Mommy Story or pictures of this cutie-pie at Mommy Off the Record, I can't resist. It is part of the Mommy-DNA to want to show off pictures of your kids, so why not do so on my blog, right?

So, here is the blog premier of my boys!!!! (Trumpets, please)

Below is Big Guy indulging (can a four-year old indulge?) in a soy ice cream cone. Get it! It's yummy.

And here is Little Guy slurping up a rainbow ice cone (another good non-dairy option for you when you are out, like we were at the zoo, where they don't have soy desserts).

And yes, these photos are about 6 months old now. (No more shorts for us for a while.)

So, those are my boys. Most of the time they are sweet and lovable, other times I refer to them as the hooligans. For better or worse, expect to see more of them here!


JoAnn said...

Absolutely adorable!!! Thanks for sharing.

Anne D said...

Thank you!!! As you know, they can be oh-so-cute OR oh-so-infuriating. :-)

Mommy off the Record said...

What beautiful boys you have! I love the pictures.

Thanks for linking to my blog too. Nice to meet you!

Alma D. said...

What cutie pies! You are a wonder, Anne. Raising two boys and make it seem so easy :)