Saturday, March 10, 2007

Food Allergy Clothing … Next Hot Item on the Runway?

Hey! This blog thing is working! What do I mean? I mean that thanks to this blog I have gotten hooked into other web sites and blogs that deal with food allergies through comments like this to my posts.

And like everything on the web, once you start clicking on one site it takes you to 10 more cool related (or unrelated, but interesting) sites.

So, now I have a plethora of things to blog about, but for this post, I want to focus on the allergy clothing that is out there. Who knew? Not me!

Liz at Mom-101 showed me these items at her other site, Cool Mom Picks. And thanks to Ria for the comment that led me to her site Check My Tag where they sell clothing that alerts people to the fact that your child has a food allergy and what to do if they eat something off-limits. And then through all that clicking around, I found the patches would require that my guys wear 4 patches … isn’t that a bit much??

Anyway, for fun today I showed Big Guy the different sites and his reaction to the Allergators, “That’s silly. Alligators don’t have allergies.” And the shirt at jeeto that he liked best was the dinosaur one. Go figure!

Anyway, if anyone has any thought or experiences on using these types of clothes, please ler me know!!


Mom101 said...

I'm so glad you liked them! I've only heard good feedback from people who have used them. I suppose you just can't leave it to the hats and buttons alone to do the work for you, but still I bet it's a good reminder for teachers and other caretakers for whom allergies might not always be top of mind.

Let me know where you end up!

Check My Tag said...

Thanks for the mention, Anne. Our mission is to raise awareness for food allergies, through ALL our efforts be it our website, our free resources, and our products.

I am a firm believer that the concerted efforts of parents of food allergy kids will create a safer world for them. So please feel free to download and share with your visitors the bulletin we publish quarterly (on our downloads page)

We are in the process of establishing the Check My Tag foundation so that the sale of all our products funds awareness and education.

Here's to keeping our kids safe,

nowheymama said...

I'm taking this as a hint to delurk and say that, um, I've linked to you, too. Surprise!

And while I haven't tried any of these types of clothing yet, I'm anxious to hear what people say. I've thought of going the whole ID bracelet route, but there's no way my daughter would keep one on.

bro said...

For the allergator, they couldn't make him look tough and menacing? He has to look like a reptilian Urkel?

Theresa Marie Green said...

Check out
I feel a little safer sending my son to school and celebrations with his allergy shirt or hoody. They are great reminders to his caretakers, other parents, teachers, etc. that he has an allergy. Hey, not only do they raise awareness but they can be life saving.

Julie said...

Check out Allergy Kidz ware, you basically design your own t-shirt, listing exactly what you want it to say. It's been a life saver for our family and my little guy calls them his party shirts. The badges are good too because they don't have pins. Another must have is the medicine bag because his personal details are embroidered on so you don't have to worry about it fading or being seperated from the bag.

R.Nelson said...

ALERT CLOTHING COMPANY is a resource to share. Bright, colorful child friendly graphics (fish, ladybugs,fairies,elephants, dinosaurs & cowboys..)with the message of food allergies clearly stated in a child friendly way on stylish T-shirts,sweatshirts & tote bags.The company logo is on the back of each item for easy ID. The company supports FAAN.The caregivers will be grateful! Check out

BekahK said...

It's nice to know there are others who have allergies and remedies that can share them. Having children with allergies myself it has been frustrating trying to figure out what can be done to stop the outbreaks. Great job!