Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What did he say?

Big Guy constantly cracks me up. He talks like he is about 15 years old. I'm not a good journal writer, but I don't want to lose these quotes of his. So, I'll record them here. They have nothing to do with food allergies, but as we all know .... the food allergies are just one part of who he is, a small part at that. So here are a couple of the funny ones recently.

Last week, I rented The Ex to watch with my husband because I know he thinks Amanda Peet is hot. I asked him at dinner (while the kids were busy playing with their food) if he wanted to watch it that night and I reminded him that Amanda Peet was in it (in a lame attempt to entice him into watching it). About five minutes later, Big Guy walked by and with a smug look on his face -- the look that says "I am much more grown up than you think, I heard you talking grown-up stuff" -- he said, oh so casually, "so, are you going to watch that movie with Old Man Pete in it?" Poor Amanda ... actually, I take that back, she's hot and makes lots of money, she can deal with being called Old Man Pete.

Yesterday morning, we were talking about an upcoming field trip Big Guy's class will take to an apple farm. I left the boys to get dressed while I made breakfast. Big Guy comes down to the kitchen. He sighs and says, "Little Guy is driving me crazy. He keeps asking me meaningless questions about my field trip!" And then he plops himself down in his chair ready for breakfast.

Keep 'em coming, Big Guy! You make me smile.


Angel said...

LOL Our boys would get along well.

I was late picking up my son from school due to a dr. appt....he told the teacher that me being late was "totally unexpected......highly unusual" ROFL The teachers were still cracking up when I got there.

Nowheymama said...

Welcome back! I missed you!