Friday, February 20, 2009

A new member of the family

Tada! I had a baby!! He was born on Jan. 21 and is a "cutie-pie" (according to Little Guy).

Hanging out today with mom.

Hmmm, now that the baby is here I guess I can't use the term Little Guy for my second son. But it would be confusing to change his nickname now. I guess I'll stick with Little Guy for him and call the baby Littlest Guy (which I'm sure he will LOVE when he is older).

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if he has any food allergies. I've talked to other moms with 3 kids and there are at least 2 families where one of the 3 kids dodged the food allergy bullet. Time will tell for Littlest Guy.


Nowheymama said...

Oh my gosh! Congratulations!!!

I wasn't even sure if you were blogging anymore.

Anne D said...

Thank you! It's safe to say that I wasn't blogging since it has been so long. But I'd like to give it a try again. Lots has happened regarding the boys allergies, so I'll try to get back into the swing of it.

Your Sweetheart Rolls look delish!

Alma D. said...

You're back! It's about time :) That's quite a big smile on the baby...he looks very happy.

bright_eyes said...

I'm sooo happy for you!!! I thought you forgot about the blog, glad to see you back!
I wish you all the smiles, giggles, and other wonderful things that only a baby brings!

Angela said...

How precious! Congratulations.

Kim and Megan said...

Congratulations! Such a sweet little man!