Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fruit Salad ... Yummy (oh, you know the rest!)

Getting a children's song stuck in your head is the WORST. At times, I have wanted to stick a fork in my ears to pry the annoying tune out. And the ones that are the WORST of the WORST are these guys. Honestly, I haven't had these guys and their strange music on in our own house in at least two years.

But, when Big Guy asked for this for breakfast .....

I was very proud of his healthy choice. But also, the blueberry-apple combo reminded me of this song .... aghhhhhhhhhh!!! (what is it with those phallic hats??) Regardless of that fact, his "fruit salad"of sorts was a hit and he ate it all up!

One of the two key ingredients are these from Trader Joes (our favorite balloon-giving store)

And while he snacked on that, Little Guy enjoyed some Soy Yogurt.

So, all in all, a very healthy breakfast --- hurrah!!!!!


nowheymama said...

They're just not going to be the same now that Greg left...

allergicmom said...

I just found your blog, and it sure sounds a lot like life at my house! In response to one of your earlier posts looking for breakfast bars -- try NoNuttin foods granola bars. I've posted a coupon code for them on my blog.

health watch center said...

Hi Anne,

They enjoyed their breakfast...smiles on their faces telling everything..

New here wanted to say hi but more than that... :)

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