Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another Call

10 minutes ago ...

Ring Ring

Me: Hello

Little Guy's teacher: Hi. Little Guy grabbed another child's vanilla wafer today and just ate a bite. Do you want me to give him benadryl?

Me: (inward groan) Can you get a look at the ingredients first? They might just be all sugar. If you can't get the ingredients, go ahead and give him a dose ... lord knows he gets enough of it. But be forewarned he might barf.

Little Guy's teacher: I know he did before. I'm really sorry I don't know how he grabbed that cookie so quick.

Me: It's okay. He did the same thing to me the other day. He grabbed a piece of muenster cheese from his brother. I immediately yelled at him to spit it out. So, at most he swallowed a piece the size of a half a dime. But still, 10 minutes later he barfed.

Little Guy's teacher: Okay, I'll check the box and call you back.

5 minutes later .... Ring Ring

Little Guy's teacher: So far he is okay, but the cookies did have milk in it so I gave him the benadryl.

Me: Good. Hopefully he'll be okay. I'll be there soon.

Wish me luck!!!!!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh no! Good luck. Hope all is well with the Little Guy!

Karen said...

I just caught up on your June blogs and mercy me you guys have had a string of YUCK! I have been there where you are, just wishing for a couple of weeks with no hives, no itchy eyes, no mystery allergens...
It sounds like you are being a great mom, and keeping your sense of humor - I think that is the tricky part - so GOOD JOB!

Anne D said...

Thanks for all the support!! It's so great to know there are others out there who can truly relate!

Since the latest call, Little Guy has been A-OK. No hives or any reaction to the vanilla wafer. And no more eating "banned" food!