Friday, June 22, 2007

Don't try this at home

Don't these brownies look delicious???? NOT!!!!!!
I wanted to make brownies that everyone could eat. So, I thought I was oh-so-clever and would use regular brownie mix and just use the Ener-G egg replacer so the boys could eat them. And I was so SURE this would work, I made a double recipe so I could be sure to have enough for everyone.

Boy, was I wrong! Don't try this at home! The batter never really turned brownie/cake-like. It just sorta kept bubbling, like a weird science experiment. So, I ended up bringing Costco brownie bites to the party and gave the kids popsicles. But being so frugal, I did try the science-experiment brownies and they actually weren't bad. They were more fudge-like than brownies. Big Guy and I ate them up over the course of a week or so. I would even break them up and put them on his soy ice cream.

But, next time I want to make brownies from a mix (that the boys can eat), I will make the trek to Whole Foods and get the Cherrybrook Kitchen brownie mix. I know these are good and won't bubble mysteriously.

If you are looking for recipes from a blog for those of us dealing with food allergies, check out a blog I just found called The Food Allergy Blog ... love the picture of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets!!


Anonymous said...

I just sat here reading your posts and cried! My son is allergic / intolerant to (if the GIs and allergists can't figure it out, who am I?)

tree nuts

No one can agree on the celiac thing, but I'm not even trying rye, just in case. He seems to find a new allergy or intolerance every six months or so, hence the corn which just showed up within the last month.

I say, "he can't eat that," all the time! And people say, "how do you live this way," and I say, "you just do ... you get used to it." But, yeah, sometimes you do sit down at a birthday party or watch Moms at restaurants who don't have the travelling kitchen and think, "just once ...."

So, here's to you! It's nice to know, in a way, that there's some solidarity! If you ever want to chat, you can reach me through my work website at (and no, this isn't an ad, just a way for us to communicate, if you're interested. We mamas gotta stick together!).


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