Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer time and the living is ....

not really easy, is it? It is BUSY! Which I know is no excuse for not blogging. Look at No Whey Mama, she is busy and PREGNANT! Congrats!!! Not unlike me, her sister is getting married too and she threw her a shower.

Rats! That was one of my excuses for not blogging. Here they are: throwing my sis a wedding shower, super busy at work, went on vacation, had my hubby's b-day, had my b-day, trying to work out more, getting ready for Big Guy and Little Guy's b-day in July and August; joined a book club and had to read the book, created a new photo album with this etc etc. :-)

Before I show off the fun vacation photos ... I just want to say hello and thanks for your comments to some new friends ... Janine at Mom's Food Allergy Diner, AllergicMom at My Kid's Allergies, Jen Barney at A Teacher's Life, Angel at Slayer in Training, and Ash. It is really great to hear from other mom's out there. Thanks for the comments and hanging with me while I lag behind in my blogging. I give all of you a lot of credit for keeping up with your blogs!

Well, here are some fun vacation photos. We went to northern California for a family reunion (of sorts). Before all of those festivities started we went to a place called Safari West, it was AWESOME! The kids loved it.

On the airplane heading out west ... we brought Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwiches on the plane

This is where we stayed ... a REAL African tent! But it is super nice inside with a bathroom. shower, etc.

The boys LOVED the bunk beds in the tent (notice the wine glass on the bed side table, we where in wine country, for goodness sakes!).

Big Guy and Daddy get ready for the safari. We took these jeeps all around the property and got to see tons of animals.

And the coolest part was when they got to FEED the giraffe!! Which, later we found out they weren't supposed to, but ... oh well!

I have a million more pictures, but that gives you a sense of the fun we had.

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