Thursday, November 02, 2006

he CAN eat that!!!!!!!!!!

Hurrah!!! Yippee!!!! Zipedeedoodah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little guy can eat wheat!!!!!! At least we can give it a try. We just got back from the allergist's office and she said that based on his blood test and his skin test it looks like he has grown out of the wheat allergy. WOW! Only one year after he first showed that he had the allergy to it.

My mind is reeling at the possibilities! Of course, we still have to avoid eggs, dairy and nuts. But this is a start. And I'm used to avoiding those things since Big Guy has had those allergies for the past 4 years.

So, for dessert tonight he got his first taste of a classic -- animal crackers. He was very excited to eat elephant. But when he saw the bag he said "that makes me sick." We told him the doctor said he could eat it now. He told me they were yummy. Now, let's hope he doesn't hurl!

Happy to share such good news!!!!


Anonymous said...

He's got some catching up to do. A trip to Panera may be in order ;)

Anne D said...

Yummmm. So many carbs, so little time!!!

Lynn said...

Yay!!! Congrats Anne. Wow, a whole new world has opened up. I'm so happy for you - and for your little guy :)

Anne D said...

Thanks, Lynn. Now he can eat the hamburger AND the bun at McDonald's (his favorite place to eat, which I know you will appreciate!)

Actually, I have to check and make sure they don't put butter on the bun.