Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lists and Resources for the Season

Halloween. A big holiday for kids and a stressful one for those of us loving kids with allergies.

Lots of parents are blogging about how to deal with this holiday--one where "poison" is literally pushed onto your child at every turn. I blogged about it last year. Oh, and here is a photo of the kids from Halloween last year. (I can't resist the photo!)

I LOVE lists. Here is one on safe treats for your kids, including links to websites with more information.

This post talks about the options you can take to deal with the "poison" candy that your child receives. I go with the "Fair Trade" policy ... the candy I buy to give the kids that trick-or-treat at my house is a variety of "safe" candy for my boys and I let them choose from those when we get home. Jeez, I think I STILL have some from last year.

So, any other stories or tips as we all get ready for this BIG holiday?!


naomi said...

I have a child with food allergies who tested gluten sensitive with and from what I understand due to the book dangerous grains the wheat causes a leaky gut and then they get food allergies and should grow out of them as gut heals and they stay wheat free. My 3 year old list is long, we don't go out, I cook it all. When she does eat something she shouldn't she cries and whines and screams 24 hours later and pees on the floor and gets diarreah, oh so fun, so I feel your pain with the food allergies. I think as moms with this problem we have it much harder than most.

Anne D said...

I am so sorry your child has such a terrible reaction to gluten! My Little Guy used to be allergic to gluten, but according to the tests, he has grown out of it. Plus he seems to be okay when he eats it.

Hopefully your daughter will also grow out of it too. In the meantime, thankfully there are a lot of gluten-free products out there now AND some great gluten-free blogs.

Good luck!