Monday, October 22, 2007

School Update and Question

Big Guy has been in kindergarten for nearly two months now. We haven't had any food-related problems. I did volunteer to help out in class the day they made "Bernie Bears" out of biscuit dough. I looked at the ingredients and made sure it would be okay for him to eat the project.

There has been one birthday party in school already. Mrs. C. (his teacher) followed our process perfectly and gave Big Guy a treat from his treat box, even though Big Guy tired to talk her into calling me to check on the ingredients of the birthday treats.

And there has been one field trip. Again, the teacher and nurse were great. Mrs. C. talked to me ahead of time to make sure I would bring the epi-pen to the trip. (I volunteered to go with the class.) AND the nurse called me at home to find out if I would bring his medicine or if she should send it with the teacher. So, they definitely had it covered. Luckily there wasn't anything at the pumpkin farm that was an issue for him, but you NEVER know.

Next step is the HALLOWEEN PARTY! Again, I will volunteer at it. (Looks like another unintended advantage of food allergies is getting to be REALLY involved in your child's class.) I talked to the room mother to find out what food/treat project they were planning for the party and she said they were going to decorate store bought sugar cookies. So, I told her I would find one that would be okay for Big Guy to eat too.

Any ideas?

So, overall kindergarten is going great for Big Guy. Whew. Happiness is NOT getting a call from school to tell you that your son is heaving his guts out and breaking out in hives.


Angel said...

I'm glad he's having as much fun as my son :)

Yes, hubby and I do tend to volunteer alot for fieldtrips & parties. Makes it easier for the teacher (and my nerves!)

I want to say that Duncan Hines frosting is nut/egg/dairy free (might be Better Crocker though). Unless you make your own cookie dough, most contain allergens.

We use oreos or Back to Nature organic cookies if we need something fast and don't have time to make some.

Miss Roben's online has allergen free cookie dough mix, I think, or check your local health food/whole foods store.

I hope he has a great party :)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Pillsbury frosting is free of most of the top 8 (except soy). Have you tried Cherry Brook Kitchens sugar cookie mix? It's very easy to use and they taste really good (I've only tried the gluten free one, but I'm sure the one with wheat flour is even better).